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12 bar blues progression

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Blues is the most popular style. blues has variety of ways . 12 bar blues with different harmonies, melodies, and lyrics (verse, chorus, bridge) , you can play the 12 bar blues with any key. the best way to memorize the 12 bar blues is to remember the order of chords and the number of bars for which each chord is played. so combining the numbers with your knowledge of chord sets, as long as you can find the root of the root of the I chord


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Let's begin looking at arpeggio playing, Arpeggios are the tones of a chord played as single notes. arpeggios can be used to spell out the sound of a chord. for example we learn to arpeggiate the C major chord, so we have triad major 1-3-5 (C-E-G), practice this chords ascending and descending.